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Covid 19 Policy

  1. 1.      Responsibilities under this Plan

JUDO-1 WOLLONGONG retains the overall responsibility for the effective management and implementation of the return to sport activities and operations outlined in this Plan.

The Committee of JUDO-1 WOLLONGONG is responsible for:

  • Approving the Plan and overseeing the implementation of the arrangements in the Plan; and
  • Revising the Plan as required, ensuring it reflects up to date information from government and public health officials.

The Committee has appointed the following person as the JUDO-1 WOLLONGONG COVID-19 Safety Coordinator to execute the delivery of the Plan and to act as a point of contact for information relating to this Plan:

NameRod Fisher President / Director, Ces Gonzales secretary, Mr Heimdall senior coach
Contact Number0412729938

JUDO-1 WOLLONGONG expects all members, participants, coaches, officials, administrative staff and volunteers to:

  • Comply with the health directions of government and public health authorities as issued from time to time;
  • Understand and act in accordance with this Plan as amended from time to time;
  • Comply with any testing and precautionary measures implemented by JUDO-1 WOLLONGONG;
  • Act with honesty and integrity in regard to the state of their personal health and any potential symptoms; and
  • Monitor their health and take a cautious approach to self-isolation and reporting of potential symptoms.
  • 2.      Return to Sport Arrangements

As at the date of this Plan, participants are training at Level A of the AIS Framework. The Plan outlines specific sport requirements that JUDO-1 WOLLONGONG will implement for Level B and Level C of the AIS Framework.

JUDO-1 WOLLONGONG will transition to the training activity and facility use as outlined in Level B of the AIS Framework and the training/competition activities and facility use outlined in Level C of the AIS Framework when permitted under local restrictions and regulations.

The protocols for conducting sport operations and facility operations under Level B and Level C of the AIS Framework are set out in the Appendix.