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The clubs Progressive tally of competition points accumulated by club members attendance and achievements.

NOTE to qualify for any squad training for state / National events you must have completed the minimum requirement of half the general club training 63 of the 126 seniors classes plus points score pts.  10 win,8 second,6 third & 2 for competing without a win or position.
For National representation (example: japan or OJU) and extra 10 points on top of placing obtained
Attending Training camps / seminars /judge 10 pts 2 days / 5 pts 1 day.
If you compete in a contest that is not in our normal outlay you must provide proof of your entry along with the contest promoters information.
This will be updated the next day following the event.
Monthly medals will gain 10pts 🙂
points from our event will be uploaded this week, I have carried the 10pts for those whom win national and state will have increased points.
last updated April 2021.